Talking Real Estate: What Types of Flooring Do Home Buyers Prefer


What Types of Flooring Do Home Buyers Prefer?

When buying or selling a home it’s important to understand today’s Buyers. A growing preference in our market is hardwood flooring. In many cases, there is hardwood under your existing carpet. If you have the means, remove all wall to wall carpeting and refinish the hardwood floors. As a result, you will realize the benefits of attracting more Buyers to your home, enhance your home’s value and and give you a leg up over your competition. If you are on a limited budget and have hardwood under your wall to wall carpeting. We suggest you remove the carpet and refinish the hardwood floor in one room to show the future potential for your home.

Areas where buyers most prefer hardwood flooring:

Main level locations ~ kitchen, living room, dining room, family room and office

Bedrooms: most Buyers prefer hardwood in their bedrooms to reduce the concern of dust mites and allergies to carpet fibers.

Entryways: not only does it make cleaning up the tracked in dirt easier, but it creates lovely flow to your home.

Steps: most buyers prefer hardwood steps with a carpet runner for safety. A hot tip is to remove the runner when selling your home. The Buyer will likely want to select their own.

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